Pentru investitorii Cardano, staking-ul este o modalitate usoara de a castiga venituri pasive si de a sprijini stabilitatea retelei Cardano.

Ne sustineti...

... contribuind in acelasi timp la descentralizarea platformei Cardano

Daca doriti sa ne sustineti contribuind in acelasi timp si la descentralizarea platformei Cardano, puteti delega portofoliul dumneavoastra în siguranta folosind walleturile Daedalus (pentru desktop) sau Yoroi (pentru mobil), prin nodul nostru cu ticker- ul ELIK


There will only ever be one pool operated by us. We’re firm in our belief that in order for true decentralisation to be effective, we need as many successful single pool operators as possible.

ELIK Stake Pool Mission

Our economic background and passion always felt that there’s something wrong with the current financial system that’s based on fractional reserve banking. Until we have discovered crypto in general and Cardano ecosystem in particular in early 2021 we had no idea about the solution. However things are clear as the light of day now, and we’ve started our journey along the Cardano community into changing the world.


There are three things we want to accomplish in our stake pool operator venture:
1. First of all make our contribution to the decentralisation, growth, and permanent evolution of the Cardano ecosystem by on boarding people outside the crypto industry, already banked or unbanked.
2. Provide economic education and rewards for our delegators, whom are the main drive for true change – we need the people to realise the current trap they’re in the traditional financial sector and start their at least partial migration to the new system we’re bringing to their attention.
3. Support the community in our country and beyond regarding the Autism disorder. As more and more children are affected with some sort of autism disorder, it’s extremely important that parents diagnose their children as early as possible ( 1 year or so). This way  they get the necessary support as early as possible in order for them to live a life where they can flourish and achieve their full potential.


As this therapy is quite expensive for the ordinary family, we’re partnering with Cira Therapy to bring early screening and support for low income families
Even if we’re just at the beginning of the road, we’re making the first steps.

Join us and support by delegating to ELIK Stake Pool.